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My father is adamant: each morning after the coffee has been finished, the coffeemaker must be unplugged. It seems a fireman told him 30 years ago they caused fires, lots of ‘em, and the O’Brien clan doesn’t like fire — not even in fireplaces.

Well, after paying a claim caused by a fire in one of their policyholder’s homes, Chubb has brought a lawsuit against Apple, alleging the house fire was the result of a faulty computer charger. The suit further alleges Apple had received numerous complaints alerting them to heating, burning and sparking problems with the MagSafe adapters used to charge Macintosh computers.

Unlike a Macbook, my father’s coffeemaker does not need charging, so un-plugging the coffeemaker when not in use actually IS a real option.  

A copy of the complaint is available here.

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When asked this common question: “how much liability insurance do I really need?” I respond with another question: “how much might you be sued for?”  Everyone knows that protecting the asset base from the threat of lawsuits, however unlikely, is simply prudent risk management. Deciding how much protection is needed is a little trickier. I have yet to meet someone who was named in a lawsuit who was not immediately concerned with whether they had “enough” coverage.

Deciding “how much do I really need?” requires a close examination of a number of issues, which we can help you address. Among those issues: what is happening in the real worldThis link offers a quick reminder that when it comes to what and how much you can be sued for, you never know….

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If your clients employ residential staff (gardeners, housekeepers or nannies, for example), they should be aware that allegations of “wrongful employment acts” make it into headlines and U.S. courts every year. Even if the allegations are false, the defense costs alone could cost you a small fortune. And imagine how such allegations could damage your reputation if they were made public.As is normally the case, for every risk there is an insurance solution. While using insurance to solve all risks is not a good idea, using it for risks that can pose a large financial loss often is a good strategy.  Click here to learn more about one carrier’s solution for this common risk.   

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