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teen driverI recently read yet another article by a main stream journalist that promised readers “weird new steps” to lower the cost of auto insurance for those with teenage drivers.  If you have a teenage driver, this topic can sure stimulate interest!

As a parent and insurance insider who has experienced the financial pain associated with 3 teenage drivers, it is my strong view that articles advocating how to lower insurance premiums miss the two FAR far more important objectives that parents of teenage drivers should be encouraged to make their first priorities:

1.      Accident PreventionNationally among all age groups, statistics reveal cell phone distractions are a factor in 25% of all accidents. Imagine what this risk is for younger drivers! While cellular technology adds new risks, other technology exists to help parents manage this risk.  Cellcontrol is one service provider offering a solution that prevents unauthorized in-motion use of mobile phones. Their solution puts parents in control of what a family member can or cannot do with their cell phone while driving. (the same solution is available for those responsible for corporate fleets) To learn more: http://www.cellcontrol.com/stop-texting-while-driving-for-your-family/  

2.      Protect Your Assets: ASK ANY parent of a teenager who has been involved in a serious accident: after the accident: NO parent is concerned with the cost of their insurance, but ALL were concerned with the insurance protection that was available to protect them at the time of the accident.  After an accident is the wrong time to recall the dangers of being “penny wise, but pound foolish”.

Please: address these two more important objectives first, and THEN work with an insurance professional to examine strategies to intelligently manage the cost of proper insurance coverage.

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Love insuranceThese three words exclaim a bold new marketing theme for PURE High Net Worth Insurance.  They depict PURE’s deep organizational commitment to deliver insurance not as a commodity, but as an invaluable service to their member policyholders.  The words also dare to redefine the expectations consumers should have of their insurance company.  Finally, this bold theme also helps to remind the employees and Independent Agents serving those insured by PURE that the mission is to constantly strive to exceed the highest expectations.

Imagine ….. loving your insurance!  To review PURE’s bold new objective, check this link: https://www.pureinsurance.com/campaign/index  If you are not aware of who PURE is and how they are different from other carriers, I’d be happy to offer you an impartial assessment.

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News reports on the effects of the flood insurance reforms being implemented have overly focused on those who are experiencing extremely high increases in their flood insurance premiums. Meanwhile, be aware the implementation of the BW12 Reforms will take place over many years, and knowing for certain the final cost impact and just how many will be effected is not yet fully understood. 

For a complete perspective on how tangled this web really is, we offer this insightful report from Insurance Journal http://www.insurancejournal.com/blogs/right-street/2013/11/04/310235.htm

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