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flood surf shotIf early forecasts from experts stay on track, a monster El Nino is in the works for 2014.

Years when El Nino has been very active often reduce the chances of a highly active hurricane season in the Atlantic.  Meanwhile, those proximate to the Pacific Ocean are at a greatly increased risk of violent weather conditions.  For those living in drought stricken areas looking forward to extra rain (the entire Western half of the US, for example) the risk of landslide / mudslide increases greatly.  Check the link that follows for a report offering interesting insights on El Nino and the potential for a dangerously historic 2014:  El Nino could grow into a monster, data show

Readers should be aware: property damage caused by landslide / mudslide is specifically excluded by homeowner AND flood insurance policies. Specialty coverage can be available for those concerned about adding protection for damage caused by landslide / mudslide, though many conditions apply. Let me know if you’d like more information on this specialty coverage.

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