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My college roommate has been adamant for years now that we are on the eve of experiencing widespread lawlessness in major U.S. cities.  His view is that the combined effects of high and chronic unemployment and reductions in local law enforcement will embolden those who are most desperate to target the “haves” in society as easy marks for home invasion, kidnap, extortion, etc. 

He would take little satisfaction in reading this article in The New York Times City Room Section, which details a recent home invasion on East 51st Street in Manhattan, and includes 19 seconds of actual footage of the event as taken by surveillance video.  While hardly proof of my roommate’s prediction, the article has prompted me to remind others of the need to be extra careful in securing their home and family.

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INTERPOL and law enforcement authorities across the globe report that theft and fraud involving priceless and high value art and antiquities is rising. While arranging for quality insurance coverage is one risk management strategy, such coverage only provides for compensation after a loss.  Working with third-party providers who offer much more than just insurance coverage, we can assist collectors to assemble a comprehensive risk management program.  Such programs address security, electronic protection, and transport, coupled with periodic inspection audits, resulting in a lower frequency of claims, lower claims costs, and lower insurance pricing that reflects a vastly superior risk.

Anthony C. Roman, CEO of Roman and Associates, a global insurance & corporate investigation, risk management, and security consulting firm, has recently reported on the connection between organized crime, terrorist groups, and high value art theft.  Click the following link to read Roman’s article, The Black-Arts , published by National Underwriter.

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