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milestoneThe following anonymous critique about blogging could not be more sobering (or accurate): “Never have so many words been written by so many and read by so few.”  Ouch!

This blog has now been visited over 10,000 times. While that number has required over 5 years of monthly (or more often) posts, it is a big milestone for me. When I fret to others about wanting this number to be higher, I am often reminded the content is, after all, focused on insurance and personal risk.  Not exactly scintillating stuff for most, or so I am told. Many visitors have provided encouraging feedback over the years, some even un-intentionally. My favorite comment was one intended to mock me: “I see you’re still blogging….how much money is that making you?”

I have always been wary of anyone, in any vocation, whose efforts are focused solely on actions that will make them money. While I am very pro earning an income, the objective behind this blog was and remains a much more ambitious one: to educate consumers and those who advise them on strategies to better protect tangible and financial assets from uncovered property and liability losses.

The snarky “how-much-money-is-that-making-you” observer might be amused by this recent anecdote: at a recent industry event, I met a friendly competitor who chided me that he appreciates my blog because he monitors it for new sales ideas he can use. He explained he recently presented a strategy of mine to a prospective client, who liked the idea so well it helped him “win a great new account”.  I can also be snarky.  I congratulated my friend on the great new account he’d won using my idea, and invited him to continue visiting my blog so that could replace his tired and ineffective sales pitches with original and helpful solutions that actually offer real value to his clients.  While his clients won’t know the helpful ideas are mine, this friendly competitor knows.

Thank you for being one of more than 10,000 visitors to this blog. I will continue to try and offer real insights and helpful solutions on managing personal risk to any who may benefit from them. Even unoriginal competitors in need of good ideas.

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pounce of protectionEspecially over the past decade, several insurance carriers have introduced a wide range of valuable services to help those who collect all sorts of valuables understand their vulnerability to loss and take steps to reduce a wide range of risks.  If you want the long story on the many services available, check this article:  http://www.irmi.com/expert/articles/2012/obrien11-personal-risk-management.aspx

For those who prefer the short story —- this 2 minute video http://bcove.me/0rt69i82 features Ron Fiamma and Rand Silver of AIG Private Client Group explaining the services their team of risk management specialists offer. Most industry insiders would agree that the Risk Management Services provided by AIG Private Client Group are viewed as “best in class” for those with significant collections.

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