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This summer several newspapers reported the results of studies documenting what we all know to be true: the use of cell phones while driving is dangerous.  Of course, there are many variables that increase or decrease risk, but the common perception that hands-free use of cell phones while driving is safe has been proven to be a myth.

I don’t offer this information with any great expectation that others will substantially change their use of cell phones while driving. BUT – after reading the research, I know I have been compelled to re-think my perception that my blue tooth enabled cell phone conversations while driving were a lot less risky.  They are risky, and research has proven that yours are as well.  I encourage you to  read the research provided in this great article and share it with those you care about. 

I knew someone who was involved in a very bad auto accident. He shared that the worst part of his long recuperation was knowing that he could have exercised greater precaution and avoided the accident altogether. He shared that while he was laying in the hospital, thankful to be alive, he remmbered the common practice in his youth of being able to “call for a do-over”, and how much he’d give to have a “do-over” .  Knowing real life does not provide us “do-overs”, I’ve instead decided to dramatically change how I use my cell phone while driving.

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