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Thos CookOne of the world’s oldest tour companies, Thomas Cook, abruptly announced it was going out of business yesterday. While not quite “fake news”, the advice provided by a travel expert on NBC Evening News during their report on this story can best be characterized as “glib news”.

In this NBC report, consumers are advised to seek travel insurance “when you have elaborate travel plans…. a tour, cruise, a safari – something bigger”.  Hmmm…

Whether my travel plans are elaborate or are not, the ability to return home is always a big priority for me. I wonder if the hundreds of thousands of travelers left stranded by Thomas Cook without transportation or lodging viewed their trip as sufficiently “elaborate” to merit the purchase of trip insurance …..that could have enabled them to secure alternate transportation home.

Regardless of whether your travel plans meet the subjective criterion of “elaborate”, strongly consider travel insurance for ANY trip that requires you to rely on others for transportation, lodging and the ability to return home.

Understanding it is difficult to navigate the many different insurance programs that are available, I recommend consumers visit InsureMyTrip to examine the wide range of different insurance programs. Even for trips that are not elaborate.  

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Can’t we just…

wwnfProbably because I was in New York City on Sept 12, 2001 and not the day before , my most vivid memories of the terror attacks of 9/11/2001 are actually the result of my experiences the following day. This is not just my convenient memory; my recollections are indelible and many.

On September 12, EVERYONE was kind to each other. EVERYONE cared about their fellow man. EVERYONE, as in no matter race or religion, or especially political beliefs. No matter the circumstance. We ALL acted like we actually cared about each other. Never had I thought I’d see such widespread kindness to strangers…in NYC!  I am told this occurred all over our great country.  You may recall this sentiment lasted for …… weeks.

Each year we memorialize the memory of those lost on 9/11. Sadly, however, it seems we fail to recall how we all acted towards our fellow Americans on the days that followed. Arguably, the only good outcome that arose from 9/11 is the same outcome that occurred 6 decades prior: we demonstrated as a people the spirit of the axiom “United we stand, divided we fall”.  Just as our forefathers had shown on 12/8/1941.

And then, gradually, the spirit of unity stopped. Why is it that the closeness we felt towards ALL fellow citizens just faded away? Part of the explanation may be that our news gathering and now social media habits have caused us to refocus on all of the small stuff that divides us. Digesting only content that appeals to our eyeballs and egos, while numbing our brains and hardening our hearts.

On this day each year I try to shift my focus not only to remember the tragic events of 9/11, but to recall the kindness and caring EACH of us demonstrated towards our fellow citizens starting on 9/12.  The REAL American ideals that we, intuitively, as a people, collectively demonstrated to the rest of the world during those days.  Among them:  indivisible. 

Can’t we all just…. try to honor the memory of those we lost on 9/11 by demonstrating the spirit of unity and humanity during the days and weeks that followed?  Who knows how long it could last….


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