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What could be more valuable than helping your clients “save 15% in 15 minutes on insurance”?  How about arranging for them to receive an eye-opening audit that documents the property and liability risks they are – and are not – protected from, which can be read and understood in 15 minutes or less.  Armed with such a report, consumers could actually begin to make responsible and well-informed decisions on structuring their insurance coverage to provide the level of asset protection they want and need.  While this approach defies prevailing insurance marketing hype and gimmickry , it is an offer that provides real value!

 First, this editorial comment: How is it that advertisements featuring bargain hunting cavemen or Flo, the zany “Name Your Own Price” girl cause otherwise savvy consumers to forget the wisdom of time-honored axioms that have historically honed our buyer beware instincts?  If it looks to good to be true it probably is / Beware of Greeks bearing gifts / Look before you leap/ You get what you pay for / Read the fine print.  It seems that in our everyone-loves-a-bargain environment, bargain hunters forget to ask HOW such great “bargain pricing” has been achieved.  After all – does anyone think that lower premiums are being funded through insurance carrier benevolence?  

 I am driven to help those I serve to understand the risks an insurance policy does and does not cover, and years of experience has taught me that remarkably few consumers (and insurance agents, by the way) attempt to do this before making an insurance buying decision.  For your clients who need to be reminded that making a well-informed decision on how to buy anything involves more than simply identifying which product has the lowest price, I have an offer:  I can provide a complimentary “Fine Print Protection Audit” that details the property and liability risks that are and are not covered by their current insurance policies.  This proprietary audit is a diagnostic tool that reveals the coverage “fine print” that almost all consumers (along with the vast majority of insurance agents) fail to closely examine when selecting the legal contract (insurance policy) that should protect their most important assets from a wide range of unlikely yet possible disasters. 

Contact me if you’d like to review how the “Fine Print Protection Audit” can help you and / or those you care about to make smarter decisions about insurance.

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