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when not to pass on the leftAs a newly licensed driver, those were the words I heard from my mother each time I left the house. While I did not know exactly just what the “other guy” was capable of, I was always on the lookout!

Many I speak with wonder why the cost to insure their car is what it is since they have never had an accident. Of course, insurance carriers collect premiums from all drivers, and use more than half of all of the premiums collected to pay the costs to settle claims for those who do sustain an accident.  While some accidents are just that — accidents that are difficult to avoid — many more are caused by drivers who are either reckless or remarkably unskilled.  The costs arising from accidents caused by reckless and unskilled drivers contribute greatly to the cost of insurance for all drivers.

To better understand just how reckless and inept some drivers are, check this video from You Tube:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7FqHJh6Ty4

Regardless of your experience: Remember to drive safely, and especially to look out for the “other guy”!

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