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While having a fire and burglar alarm system can offer some peace of mind, most property owners are curious to know how technology can help them better protect their home — and their families while at home. While I am not an expert on home security, I am a good resource in directing homeowners to the select group of specialists focused on advanced home security and “smart home” technology.


One organization I’ve worked with locally has merged advances in home security with smart home technology in an easy to use way that offers great home security and utility. Connected Hearth is an exciting service provider, with a website that lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. Through ConnectedHearth.com, you can control your security system, your heat and A/C, your indoor and outdoor lighting. You can pan a camera throughout your house. You can even have a hot cup of espresso waiting for you when you arrive. All this, from a computer. Wherever you happen to be.  Click on this link to be re-directed  to their web site.


Or, feel welcome to contact me for information on other new advances in home security, and to learn which carriers are providing real incentives to improve the loss prevention features in the homes they insure.

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“Save Money Now” (and the many variations) has to be the first ever marketing pitch. Most consumers know to ask themselves “how is it that the savings are being achieved?”  Ask yourself: do you think an insurance carrier offering to lower your insurance costs has not first determined how they can reduce the protection provided by their low cost coverage?  If it looks to good to be true……

There are smart ways to reduce the long term cost of insurance coverage without also sacrificing valuable protection. Remarkably, these strategies are often under-utilized, as many consumers are instead lured by the never ending “bargain” advertsing hype. Check this one page primer for an overview on how to make quality insurance more cost efficient.

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Recent news reports tell a story that insurance carriers know all too well: residential construction projects involve a number of risks that can create significant damage to your home.  Determining who can be responsible after a loss can be very challenging. While it is  important to have the right insurance coverage, it is just as critical to know the steps that can be taken to avoid or reduce the chances of the most common causes of loss.   

This insightful report explains the risks, as well as the precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of loss during home renovation and construction projects.


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