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Know What It Means

I met the author of the blog post linked below after he wrote the following in a discussion thread on LinkedIn: It does not matter what you know until you know what it means.”  

I reached out to the author to ask him for the source of this observation and to learn more about his work, and we had a nice e-mail exchange. These words are his own, and they struck me as profound and widely applicable.  Turns out the author, Don Shaughnessy, is a CPA who has had an accomplished career, and is a truly gifted story-teller.

Several days later I was honored to learn Don wrote of my efforts to suggest insurance practitioners take a different approach to guide consumers to making better informed decisions by posting this on his great blog: http://moneyfyi.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/price-and-cost-are-different/

Thank you, Don —– it does indeed “not matter what you know until you know what it means.”    

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It seems impossible to keep up with all of the new strategies being used to steal our identity and private information.  While enhancing personal privacy is a broad topic, many of the most important strategies are easy to implement yet often overlooked.

For example: ALL of the experts I’ve spoken with strongly recommend using credit cards over debit cards whenever possible.  Why?  Credit cards receive far greater protection for fraudulent transactions than debit cards. With a credit card, the maximum exposure is usually $50.00. With debit cards, your exposure to fraudulent charges vary based upon when you notify the provider. If you report the fraudulent transaction within two days, your exposure is limited to $50. If reported between 2 and 60 days, your liability can be $500.00. Failure to notice / report within 60 days and you will be liable for the entire fraudulent transaction.

There are a wide range of specialized firms offering personal privacy services. Call me should you wish an introduction to a personal privacy expert.

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