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I am happy to report I do not have any clients with homes in Japan. Meanwhile, several clients who I’ve spoken with the past few weeks were surprised to learn that all unendorsed homeowners insurance policies issued in the U.S. specifically exclude damage caused by, that’s right, earthquake, tsunami (flood) and damage from a nuclear facility. 

If the threat of any of any of these risks concerns you, there is good news: insurance protection from damages caused by earthquake and flood is readily available, and generally not very expensive (costs are much higher for those with homes located near a seismic fault or prone to flood waters). Please let me know if you’d like to understand the coverage options available to protect your property from earthquake or flood damage.

While I am unaware of any insurance carrier offering to sell coverage to protect against nuclear damage, the Price-Anderson Act, passed in 1957, is in place to compensate the public for property damage and injury caused by a commercial nuclear accident in the United States.  The program, renewed by Congress most recently in 2005, ensures that adequate funds are available to satisfy liability claims for property damage and personal injury sustained by the public. The program limits the liability of companies involved in certain nuclear activities, such as power plant operators, in order to encourage the development of private nuclear power. Currently, there is nearly $13 billion in liability insurance protection available to be used in the event of a commercial nuclear accident.  This program paid about $71 million to local residents and businesses impacted by the Three Mile Island accident in 1979.

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