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My college roommate has been adamant for years now that we are on the eve of experiencing widespread lawlessness in major U.S. cities.  His view is that the combined effects of high and chronic unemployment and reductions in local law enforcement will embolden those who are most desperate to target the “haves” in society as easy marks for home invasion, kidnap, extortion, etc. 

He would take little satisfaction in reading this article in The New York Times City Room Section, which details a recent home invasion on East 51st Street in Manhattan, and includes 19 seconds of actual footage of the event as taken by surveillance video.  While hardly proof of my roommate’s prediction, the article has prompted me to remind others of the need to be extra careful in securing their home and family.

For those who would like an introduction to a few select firms specializing in comprehensive personal security solutions, contact me.

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While having a fire and burglar alarm system can offer some peace of mind, most property owners are curious to know how technology can help them better protect their home — and their families while at home. While I am not an expert on home security, I am a good resource in directing homeowners to the select group of specialists focused on advanced home security and “smart home” technology.


One organization I’ve worked with locally has merged advances in home security with smart home technology in an easy to use way that offers great home security and utility. Connected Hearth is an exciting service provider, with a website that lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world. Through ConnectedHearth.com, you can control your security system, your heat and A/C, your indoor and outdoor lighting. You can pan a camera throughout your house. You can even have a hot cup of espresso waiting for you when you arrive. All this, from a computer. Wherever you happen to be.  Click on this link to be re-directed  to their web site.


Or, feel welcome to contact me for information on other new advances in home security, and to learn which carriers are providing real incentives to improve the loss prevention features in the homes they insure.

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