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pounce of protectionEspecially over the past decade, several insurance carriers have introduced a wide range of valuable services to help those who collect all sorts of valuables understand their vulnerability to loss and take steps to reduce a wide range of risks.  If you want the long story on the many services available, check this article:  http://www.irmi.com/expert/articles/2012/obrien11-personal-risk-management.aspx

For those who prefer the short story —- this 2 minute video http://bcove.me/0rt69i82 features Ron Fiamma and Rand Silver of AIG Private Client Group explaining the services their team of risk management specialists offer. Most industry insiders would agree that the Risk Management Services provided by AIG Private Client Group are viewed as “best in class” for those with significant collections.

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The International Risk Management Institute (IRMI) is regarded by many as the premier authority in providing expert advice and practical strategies for risk management, insurance, and legal professionals.  

I was honored when Robin Olson, the principal research analyst for IRMI’s Personal Risk Management and Insurance practice contacted me and asked me to provide a peer review for an article he was preparing for a leading insurance industry trade publication, The CPCU e Journal, published by the CPCU Society.  This 18 page white paper, Personal Lines Insurance Coverage Gaps – Analysis and Resolution, was written to educate insurance and risk management professionals, and offers very detailed insights into this very broad topic. 

While this article is surely not recommended late night reading, several insurance-geek friends of mine have called to congratulate me for my work being cited (on pages 2, 4, 7, 9, 16, 17 and 18) with the likes of Freakonomics authors Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner as a research source for this paper. 

Let me know if you actually read all 18 pages, and I will write a check to the charitable organization of your choice for your interest and efforts!  Meanwhile, please realize that if it takes 18 pages to educate insurance professionals on the common gaps in protection, then it requires a lot of close attention to many details for insurance professionals to design and manage a well crafted insurance program. 

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