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simplify4For families (especially multi-generational families) who own many residences in different states, it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of all the insurance coverage protecting each home, every outbuilding, and the personal contents and valuables located in each residence.

NOW: imagine replacing those many policies with a single “Family Blanket Policy” that aggregates the various forms of coverage provided by each of the policies currently covering all of an extended family’s residences, outbuildings, and personal possessions.  Of course, to be viable this innovative solution would need to provide world class coverage and claims service, and be backed by a carrier with superior financial stabilityInsurance, simplified: this innovative new solution exemplifies the benefits of “less is more”.

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missing-piece1…there is an insurance solution, if you know where to look (and who to ask). Meanwhile, I’m often surprised to meet prospective clients who have been told by other insurance brokers “there’s no coverage available”.  In the vast insurance marketplace, that is rarely the case!

With a great deal of turmoil in the financial marketplace, we’ve been asked to secure insurance coverage for a wide range of risks labeled “uninsurable” by other brokers. While the choices may be few, we can likely secure or direct you on how to secure insurance protection for even the most unusual risks.

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Given the tumult that is occurring in the marketplace, many clients are re-discovering the importance of aligning their insurance coverage with carriers that can best document their financial stability and strong claims paying ability.

With fortuitous timing, a new provider of comprehensive insurance coverage can also demonstrate remarkable financial stability, and is now open for business: ACE Private Risk Services.

All professional advisors and consumers who want to be aware of quality providers of insurance and risk management services should take a moment to learn about ACE Private Risk ServicesThis financial fact sheet tells just a part of the story, but an important part. Contact me for more details on the quality insurance solutions and greater peace of mind this carrier can provide.


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