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Co-authored by security experts Douglas R. Kane and Paul Michael Viollis, Sr., Ph.D. Silent Safety is a must read for those who provide counsel to affluent and highly affluent clients. Subtitled “Best Practices for Protecting the Affluent”, this great new book reminds us that as the financial crisis continues to make headlines, the hidden dangers facing many affluent families are often largely ignored. Despite the fact that significant wealth attracts considerable unwanted attention and exposure for many families, the appropriate countermeasures are often only implemented after costly, disruptive or embarrassing events unfold.  The authors offer many solutions to avoid this scenario.

The authors’ firm – Risk Control Strategies (RCS) – is a leading threat management, investigative and security consulting firm specializing in serving the affluent community, corporations and governmental agencies. Silent Safety serves as a personal security best-practices reference tool for affluent families and their trusted advisors. The book shines a spotlight on the many risks facing affluent families every day. Silent Safety provides pragmatic advice and strategic countermeasures that can be immediately deployed to contain a crisis, as well as recommendations to preemptively mitigate risk. This book will provide the reader with Risk Control Strategies’ proven methodology for protecting the wealthy and providing them with peace of mind.

To more closely examine the RCS suite of security services, visit their web site at www.riskcontrolstrategies.com  To request more information about Silent Safety, contact silentsafety@sandowmedia.com.

Finally, should you wish to meet with one of the partners of this fine firm, please contact me and I will arrange an introduction.

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 I’m often surprised by the number of wealthy families I meet who buy only “best in class” services and products, yet accept far less than this standard from the organizations that are responsible to manage their family’s healthcare experience.  While it often seems that we have little real control over the quality of our family’s healthcare experience, several new organizations are helping their members to receive far greater control than most would have imagined possible. 

PinnacleCare is one of a new breed of “private patient advocacy” service providers that empower their members to take back control of the entire healthcare experience.  PinnacleCare members receive efficient access to the finest healthcare experiences, expert guidance through the complex healthcare system and the assurance of leading the healthiest lives possible, whether at home or while traveling or living abroad. 

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with representatives of this fine organization, and urge all professional advisors serving HNW families to learn how this firm can help you and your clients.  Click this linkto access a video about PinnacleCare’s services, or this link to be directed to the section on their website that details the many membership options available.  

As always, feel welcome to contact me for a personal introduction to this firm, or a short list of other organizations with similar services, and a great article from the Wall Street Journal summarizing this topic.  

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ex pointIn this great article, Paul Sullivan, the Wealth Matters columnist for The New York Times, examines the many issues posed by the title: How Do I Know You’re Not Bernie Madoff?

With a close understanding of the heightened desire among affluent and high net worth insurance consumers to better vet who they are doing business with, Ace Private Risk Services has introduced an outsourced background screening service for financial advisors and contractors (in addition to domestic staff). While I have not yet “vetted” the firm they will be using to perform the “vetting”, the firm’s web site includes a reference from a former U.S. President. Click here to read a press release  offering details of this new service, or contact me for more information.

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