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No More Clutter !

No More Clutter !

 I am fortunate to have been asked to contribute an article by Private Asset Management, a publication of Institutional Investor that is focused exclusively on investment management, financial and advisory services to the high-net-worth arena, and especially on delivering breaking news before it appears anywhere else.   

While property and casualty related topics are not often covered by this fine publication, the editors have found that subscribers do have an interest in P&C topics that are both newsworthy and relevant to protecting the assets of high-net-worth clients. This brief article that I have authored explains how a simplified, effective and cost efficient coverage solution has been developed to replace the clutter, confusion and expense associated with the multiple insurance policies purchased by families who own valuable residences and personal possessions often located in several states.  Please contact me for more information about this innovative solution.

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ex pointIn this great article, Paul Sullivan, the Wealth Matters columnist for The New York Times, examines the many issues posed by the title: How Do I Know You’re Not Bernie Madoff?

With a close understanding of the heightened desire among affluent and high net worth insurance consumers to better vet who they are doing business with, Ace Private Risk Services has introduced an outsourced background screening service for financial advisors and contractors (in addition to domestic staff). While I have not yet “vetted” the firm they will be using to perform the “vetting”, the firm’s web site includes a reference from a former U.S. President. Click here to read a press release  offering details of this new service, or contact me for more information.

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leed1Insurance carriers that compete for personal insurance business in the affluent market niche are always looking for new ways to differentiate their coverage. 

Influenced by environmentally conscious homeowners in CA, San Francisco Bay Area Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has introduced the first ever homeowners insurance policy offering “Green” coverage.  

This innovative policy is ideal for homeowners who currently own green homes, or who want to upgrade their residences with green features after a loss using environmental safety and efficiency standards.

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 To better understand the issues behind AIG’s financial crisis and the benefits of the recently announced plans to restructure, I refer readers to these articles and documents:


NY Times The Case for Saving AIG March 2, 2009, Andrew Ross Sorkin


NY Times Propping Up a House of Cards  Feb. 28, 2009 Joe Nocera


AIG Restructuring News Release  March 2, 2009


AIG AIU Holdings Keypoints  March 2, 2009

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